Hello, and welcome to my official little corner of the internet!

I’ve wanted to create my own website for a long time. I figured now’s the time to get with it and take the plunge. As someone who has a background in design and is interested in the world of web design/development, what better time to start than now!

I am in the early stages of teaching (attempting to teach) myself the basics of web development, so I would like this site to become a catch all for this journey. I will be sharing my thought processes and experiences of teaching myself web development and will also be updating this site accordingly as my skills progress.

I am fascinated by the idea of my designs and thoughts coming to fruition in the form of an interactive and engaging website. I look forward to being able to transfer my visual and literal communication to the world.

I am publishing my first post now, although this bare bones site is in no way a testament to my personal aesthetic or preferences (those will come!). As mentioned, it is important to me to have this site be an ever evolving, raw, realistic display for my journey through the design and web development process. To wait until it is “ready” would be to perpetually wait and never begin.

So with that, stay tuned, bear with me as I discover what will surely be lots of trials and errors, and thank you for following along on what will be a bumpy ride towards some fun design and development endeavors!


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