This is 24


Today marking the start of my 24th year, I want to take a moment (after singing myself happy birthday) to put some goals out into the universe and create a concrete accountability check for myself. I want to focus this year on furthering my web and graphic design skills and challenge myself to accomplish a wide variety of projects in the design sphere. So without writing the ins and outs of a year’s worth of project ideas and plans, here’s a general schedule of what to see from me, starting December 1st:

Each month I will be taking on a project or project series that will specifically focus on a skill set that I feel needs refinement or cultivation. Some example projects I have in mind: a design a day series, a WordPress stock theme design, and collaborative projects with other designers. I’ll be kicking off these projects with a portrait illustration series starting in December so stay tuned!

I will be posting more regularly on this website to update and post about these projects, update my web design and development skill level progress, and to all around utilize my internet space to the fullest. The goal is once a week starting in December. This post is meant to hold me accountable as much as to layout my plan, so I will stick to this timeframe for posting as much as possible.

I hope that this blog will be the aspect of accountability I need to accomplish my goals, both personal and public. I will be getting up to lots of planning and prep through the end of November to start December off putting out some good stuff. With each year comes the reflection of the year past, and I am so happy and proud of all I’ve accomplished in year 23. That being said, there is plenty of room to grow, to evolve, and to do more.

So, here’s to 24.


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