Gotta Getaway: Miami Beach

Hello everyone! As I said in my last post, my boyfriend, J.P., and I had some fun plans this week with a little getaway. We spent a few days in the beautiful, one and only Miami Beach. The main reason for our getaway was a work conference for J.P., so naturally I took the opportunity to tag along for some sunshine and relaxation. We are big fans of going away for just a few days; enough time to relax and enjoy a new location but not so long that we miss Q too much (don’t worry, he had his own vacation with some pals at his favorite “Bed & Biscuit”)!

Upon our arrival in Miami Beach, we checked into our room at the Loews Hotel, the location of J.P.’s conference. Guys, this place was gorgeous. We are usually fans of staying in less hyped accommodations and getting a feel for the local life of a place we visit, but this resort has easily convinced me tourist life ain’t so bad.

Not only were the grounds and architecture incredible, the view from our room in the St. Moritz tower wasn’t too shabby. We were expecting a city view, but were not complaining about a pleasant surprise upon entering our room.

While J.P. attended his conference, I enjoyed some peaceful “me time” at the beach and by the pool. There’s nothing quite like diving into a wave to cool off in the stifling July Miami heat (along with some frozen cocktails to help the cause). With my busy schedule, I very rarely have time to sit and do absolutely nothing. Even when I do have the time at home, I feel guilty just sitting around my house knowing there are things that could be cleaned or organized, weeds to pull in the yard, and so the list goes on. A little getaway is perfect because it gives me just a couple of days where I can enjoy true relaxation without getting fidgety or have the chance to worry about a to-do list I should be completing back home.

J.P. was able to sneak away for some time by the pool with me before returning home. I think he needs to take some lessons in the art disconnecting and doing nothing.

While I enjoyed my alone time to the fullest, I also loved spending some time with J.P. after his conference wrapped up for the evening. On our first night, we met up with some of his friends who still live in the area (J.P. is a born and raised Miami boy), which is always so great to catch up and reconnect over food and drink. One of the things I love about our getaways is that we usually know at least one friend in whatever city we are visiting. Face to face interaction is so rewarding and I find myself recharged and in such a positive space after having genuine conversation with good friends.

On our second night in Miami Beach, we decided to grab dinner just the two of us and have a little date night. We love experiencing a city through its food scene and take pride in our research to find some delicious spots wherever we go. This time, we decided to try Yardbird, a southern staple place with a twist and raving reviews. It did not disappoint! Their lobster mac n cheese not only tasted incredible, but also warmed my New Englander heart.

We tried to make the most of our slightly fancied-up attire for the night and the hotel room backdrop, but clearly we are in fact extremely amateur at taking pictures of ourselves. How do people know what to do with their hands?!

One of the last parts of our getaway was a complimentary photoshoot from the hotel (have I mentioned we stayed at a bit of a bougie, definitely not the norm for us place?). While I was hesitant at first to sign up for the shoot, J.P. and I hardly ever get pictures of us together not taken selfie style. J.P., being the confident model that he is, talked me into it and I’m so glad he did because some of the photos came out really great. I have to give it to the Loews, they sure did know how to make our short stay special and memorable!

With that, we packed up, drove the few hours home to Orlando, and are now enjoying being back home with Q. I love going away for a short trip not only because of all the fun we have, good food and drink we devour, and memories we make, but also because when I return home it is always a reminder of just how much I love our home and everyday life.

Let me know if you enjoyed this quick summary of our trip to Miami Beach! Have you ever been to Miami Beach and if so, what are some of your top spots we should try out next time? Let me know with a comment and I can’t wait to share my next little getaway soon.




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