Back to School: Baby Steps

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m going into this work week with my mini getaway at the end of the week in mind (stay tuned for where we’ll be!), so the Sunday Scaries didn’t get me too bad this week.

Today I wanted to recap my experience at orientation last Friday for going back to school at UCF. After taking some (lots) of time off from school and putting myself into the working world while deciding what I want to do long term, I am finally ready to take the plunge back into student life. This time around, I have a very different set of eyes looking at my “college experience”, and understand the value of going to class and doing well academically. I am a firm believer that college right out of the gate after high school is not for everyone, and I definitely would have been an ideal candidate for a gap year of sorts before going straight into college. Hindsight is 20/20 and there is a lot I wish I approached differently, but I am genuinely so excited to go back to school and earn my degree.

Before my orientation, I had some excitement jitters and was feeling a bit nervous about putting myself in an environment with traditional college-aged students where I may feel out of place. Thankfully I got some encouragement from my dog, Q, before heading out for the day!

As nervous as I was before the day began, I felt comfortable and a strong sense of purpose at my orientation. It felt good to be in a space where I could focus on my academic interests, speak with advisors and other students in my major, and get the ball rolling for the upcoming semester. I now am even more motivated to go back to school, study topics I am passionate about, and work towards my long term career goals.

I look forward to starting this journey and sharing my experience with all of you! For more updates about my specific program of study, projects I’ll be working on, and inevitable struggles along the way, stay tuned. Thanks in advance for your support and encouragement through this process and I can’t wait to see what my future holds.


2 thoughts on “Back to School: Baby Steps

    1. Thank you Nati! I see according to your blog you are studying the arts and do some freelance work, both very exciting and also very similar to my personal path. I will definitely be keeping up with you via your blog, it’s design is gorgeous (I have a long way to go in that department, ha!). I can’t wait to see what you publish next!

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